The Trail to the Lopaqua Secret

Can you discover it?   Your trail begins here, to learn...

        1.   Overview
        2.   A Quick Quiz
        3.   Table of Contents
        4.   Cast of Characters
        5.   A Great Read... and a Boost for Hospice!
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1.  Overview

       As a recipe for the story, writer Jacob Kinsky takes the UNEXPLAINED, adds a bit of the SUPERNATURAL, then folds in gritty characters to bring the yarn to life.  There's enough TRUTH in it to make you wonder why REAL cattle mutilations occurring in northern New Mexico, southern Colorado, and around the world have never been taken seriously.

       In northwestern New Mexico, near the sleepy little town of Oso Negro, mysterious cattle mutilations are occurring with alarming frequency. The local sheriff doesn't seem to care, and the state livestock board investigator dismisses them as wild animal attacks.

       Local rancher Tom Kelly believes the government is involved, while some of his neighbors think the mutilations are the work of UFOs spotted throughout the area from time to time.

       A cynical former Albuquerque SWAT sharpshooter, Virgil Tanner, now an investigator for a large insurance company, comes to town to investigate a suspected murder-for-insurance-money claim.  He becomes enmeshed in efforts to solve the mutilations mystery and along the way, he meets people who will forever change his life. Among others, a beautiful woman with amethyst eyes, and an ancient Apache shaman with a penchant for humor.

       Tanner must walk a chaotic path fraught with lethal obstacles:  a bloodthirsty motorcycle gang, corrupt government officials, and professional assassins.

       So what are you waiting for?  Come along with us for a ride through a dreamscape of murder and mayhem.

2.  A Quick Quiz

       Are you fed up with surfing the TV channels looking for entertainment more interesting than mindless sitcoms and predictable cop shows?  Are you suffering from 24-hour cable news burnout?  Do you need a break from surfing the Internet?

      If you've answered "yes" to any of the above, then you're sure to be delighted with Jacob kinsky's novel, Shadow and Illusion.  You'll be quickly drawn in by the intrigue and twisted plot line, and since the theater of the mind is so much larger than the TV screen, instead of simply watching the action, you'll feel as though you're part of it as the realistic and memorable characters bring this panoramic story to life.  You'll identify and empathize with them, feeling their love, joy, pain, and the anxieties they must endure when forced to deal with incredible circumstances.

      Shadow and Illusion" is much more than your average novel.  It's a "HELL of a ride!"


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