A Few More Tidbits...

About the Author

     Though he now resides in Waterloo, Iowa and began writing to keep his mind busy after retiring from a career in broadcasting, Jacob Kinsky spent his formative years in the Great American Southwest.  He has never forgotten his roots and has a genuine feel for the rich character and mindset of the people who live there.

  A Few More Tidbits...

     While this novel is a work of fiction, the premise for its main plot is truth: the unexplained cattle mutilations which occur from time to time in the Four Corners region of the USA, and in other locations worldwide. Shiprock, one of northwestern New Mexico's foremost landmarks (above), is just a few miles from the setting of this story.  At right is Elephant Butte, with Elephant Butte Lake in the foreground.  The novel's first scene features this lake in a most unusual way.

     In preparing his recipe for Shadow and Illusion," Kinsky took that truth, added three separate subplots, folded in the supernatural, some science fiction, and then liberally spiced the mixture with down-to-earth, believable characters. Lastly, he added a heaping helping of villainous bad guys, a dash of humor, and seasoned well with a startling sense of authenticity that breathes life into the intriguing story that will hold your interest from start to finish.

     A literary critic might not approve of Kinsky's "homespun" writing style, but virtually all of the average, everyday readers who reviewed the original manuscript of "Shadow and Illusion" found it refreshing and exciting.   This is Jacob Kinsky's first novel, but you can rest assured, it won't be his last!

Below:  Two views of Turtleback Mountain, near Truth or Consequences, NM.  The view at left is with the Rio Grande River in the foreground, and the one at right shows a closer view of the rocky peak after which the mountain was named.

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